5 Things to Love About Gloversville

Want to know why we love Gloversville? Here are only 5 of the reasons we call this place home.

1. We LOVE our library.

Gloversville loves its library. This beaux-arts style Carnegie Foundation building was built in 1905. After a $9 million renovation, the building is ready for the next 100+ years of service to the community.


Did we mention how gorgeous it is? The Gloversville Public Library is the perfect place to sit, read and be inspired.

2. We LOVE our pizza.

mendettas pizza

Gloversville is the home to over sixteen pizza joints (including The Pizza Joint on North Main Street). That means you could have a different pizza once a month and still have four left over! Or that we have one pizza place for every 969 residents. Every pizza place has its cohort of fans – and man are we passionate about our favorites. Don’t tell a Mendetta’s Pizza & Bakery lover that their crust is too thick or a Primo’s Pizza’s crust is too thin. Our love runs deep.

3. We LOVE our local food producers.

Untitled design(1)

Gloversville is the home to: Mohawk Harvest Coffee, Capital City Coffee Roasters, Stump City Brewing, and Espuna Tapas Essentials. If you head out a little further, just beyond the city’s boarders, you’ll find local farmers, food producers and artisan beverage craftsman hard at work too. We love our food and the people that produce it!

4. We LOVE our artists.


Gloversville is home to a funky mix of artists. For years, the area has drawn artists who are inspired by nature. Our close proximity to mountain lakes, hiking trails and amazing vistas can cause a person to stop and take a beat. We are also inspired by the people and places around us and celebrate our creativity at venues across the city. Whether its listening to live music at Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market, or spoken word at Dorn Space, or gallery shows at Micropolis Cooperative Gallery – we have you covered. We also have new studio and performance spaces opening up in 2019. And have we mentioned the Glove Theatre? This cultural cornerstone opened its doors in 1914 and is still open to the public.

5. We LOVE our free time.

chalk kids cropped

One of the best things about living in Gloversville is that we love to be outside doing things. Our close proximity to the 44 Lakes of Fulton County, the FJ&G Rail Trail, Parkhurst Field (the oldest continuous use baseball field in the county), hiking in the Adirondacks and amazing outdoor festivals and nearby concerts (here, here and here) make our city an awesome place to call home.


3 thoughts on “5 Things to Love About Gloversville

  1. Growing up in Gloversville was a blessing! The location was great, the people friendly, and the pride in the city was evident. We fished, hunted, played sports, and received a solid education. Many folks who grew up in G’ville have accomplished great things. I expect this to continue, as Gloversville changes with the times!


  2. You forgot to show how we love our yoga in Gloversville. There is a new yoga studio, Twelve Green Petals, that has been on Main St since December 2018 and has lots of different styles of yoga available to fit every”body”!


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