5 Coolest Buildings in Downtown

1. 25 South Main Street

Why? Look at those ghost ads, baby.

Cropped bldg w ads


2. Zimmer’s Gloves

Why? It’s gorgeous architecture stands as a monument to our glove-making past.



3. Gloversville Public Library

Why? The exterior has always been breathtaking but after a $10 million renovation the interior beckons you to sit, get cozy and spend the day imagining.



4. The Glove Theatre

Why? The Glove has had an iconic presence in downtown since 1914. The long and storied history of the building is about to get a new lease on life as the organization works toward building renovations and welcoming the public in for new programming.



5. Historic Four Corners

Why? This building stands as a testament to the amazing architecture seen throughout downtown Gloversville. It’s a beautiful space that, when you see it, you know you are in this place we call home.   Photo by Karl Fisher



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