Showing our love: Elk Street Park Project

Some places love, they shape us as we grow

There are places we all connect to, places that make us feel like we belong, that we are “home.” For many in Gloversville, that place is Elk Street Park, also known as “The Cage.” On any given day, you will see people of all ages shooting hoops or playing pick-up games on the basketball court as friends and family watch from the nearby pavilion. Elk Street Park has become a place of coming together, a place that helps foster a sense of self and where we stand in the world. It has also become a physical location where collective memories of friends loved and lost can be honored.

2020 will see our love for the park manifest into something truly special.

The City of Gloversville in partnership with Fulton County Center for Regional Growth, business owners and community members are working on a revitalization project that will see Elk Street Park transformed into a bright, colorful and welcoming space for everyone. The planning committee is working with Project Backboard, a national non-profit that works with communities to create vibrant murals on basketball court surfaces.

We are looking for your help. There are BIG financial goals set with this important downtown project and every dollar counts. Please consider giving a donation – we are thankful for $5 or $50,000 – your involvement, support and belief in Elk Street Park is the cornerstone to the success of this project.

For full information about the Elk Street Park project, click here or call Jennifer Jennings, Downtown Development Specialist at 518.725.7700 ext. 1004.

To donate, please click here.

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