Your Next $5 Shopping Spree in Downtown – a 15 pt. listicle

15) CRAVINGS, 87 West Fulton Street – $5 will get you one and a half of Ashley’s enormous and amazing cookies

14) True Value, 25 Bleecker Street – $5 will get you a massive bag of bird seed to keep those birds fat and happy and flocking to your feeder over the winter!

13) Salvation Army Store, 43 west Fulton Street – $5 can get you ….well it depends! The store is full of great clothing pieces marked with little red tags for 99 cents each. So you could get 5 clothing items for $5!

12) Mohawk Harvest, 30 N. Main Street – You can get the BEST chicken salad you will ever have in your life for $5 at Mohawk harvest!

11) Rossbach’s Shoes, 10 West Fulton Street – $5 will get you some great shoe inserts for all that time you are spending walking around beautiful Downtown Gloversville!

10) Jimmy’s Deli, 78 N. Main Street – $5 will get you TWO Tuna sandwiches! That’s lunch for TWO people!

9) Star Catcher Herb Shop, 26 North Main Street – For just under $5 you can get a bag of tea from Star Catcher Herb Street in a variety of flavors and mixes that provides 18-20 teaspoons of tea!

8) Mudd Deli/47 Marketplace, 47 N. Main Street – $5 will get you a delicious helping of soup at Mudd Deli! And honestly that is just ONE of the things you could get there for $5!

7) Adventure Books And More, 30 South Main Street – $5 will get you a good paperback novel to help pass the time during a snowy upstate New York day!

6) Palace Diner, 62 South Main Street – $5 will get you a bowl of pasta “fazool” and a cup of coffee at the Palace Diner. The conversation and company at the Palace are included for FREE!

5) Vishnu Music, 64 North Main Street – $5 will get you some new guitar strings or a pile of new picks! Either way they will keep you rockin’!

4) Young’s Variety, 37-39 South Main Street – To be honest, you never know what you are going to find for $5 in Young’s Variety whether it is a novelty lighter or a pair of kids sneakers. Every visit to Young’s is an adventure.

3) Rauch Bakery, 15 Washington Street – $5 will get you a couple of their infamous danish or if you prefer a couple of half-moons! Whatever your preference $5 will leave you full.

2) Stewart’s, 76 South Main Street – $5 will get you approximately 2 single scoop ice cream cones even if it is 15 degrees outside.

1) Bountiful, 34 North Main Street – $5 will get you all sorts of fun trinkets but our favorite is the soap! You will find plenty of wonderful baubles and home décor in the $5 price range but the sweetest smelling soaps are the big winner here!

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