Gloversville, NY sits in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains and is only minutes from the 44 Lakes of Fulton County. This proximity means a high quality of life and a focus not only on the work at hand, but the playtime after. This work/life balance is central to our culture – one that values outdoor pursuits almost as highly as career goals.

We believe in place. Gloversville’s residents have a unique mix of grit and old-school values. Children walk to school, sled on snow-days at the local parks and fish in the Cayadutta Creek. People smile and say “hello” as you pass them on the street. We are a small city with a rich history and deep pride in the place we call home.

We also have a bit of grit. Our residents have a level of candor found few places – that level of honesty is often refreshing in a world where image is becoming king. We take full advantage of what our City gives us: the opportunities, the inspiration and the ability to build a bright future.

Gloversville has space for you to think, create, build, grow and succeed – all at a pace of life and cost of living few places in the Northeast can claim. We believe in you, your dreams, your goals and your imagination.

We believe in people. Gloversville’s focus on placemaking means that our revitalization is community-generated and bottom-up. We listen to residents, empower them to make positive changes in the community and support the actions they take. We work with new businesses, developers and building owners to create a foundation for success through City-run micro-loan programs, micro-enterprise grants, mentorship programs and business resources.

We believe in creativity. Gloversville recognizes and cherishes our rich artisan past and values the creativity of our community. Small collective galleries and artisan guilds, performance spaces and the historic Glove Theatre are within a five minute walk of each other.