Gloversville prides itself on our love of the arts and the creative process. We work with the community at large to encourage new perspectives, dialogue and experiences. One such avenue is the Artist in Residence Program. This pilot project occurred in 2018 and featured Gloversville native, Nicolina Schonfarber who was tasked with creating art that documented her life in Gloversville.


Nicolina put life as an artist best in her May 2018 postcard from the ‘Ville:

Maybe since your rent’s so low you get to take a step back from working overtime. Maybe even with the pay cut you still don’t need a roommate so the spare bedroom becomes your workspace and you get to use your new found freedom to experiment with your art in a way you normally wouldn’t. Maybe you start hosting friends and their friends (since you have so much space) and your studio sparks conversations that normally wouldn’t happen. Maybe an old friend tells you he makes beats and begins recording a rap album in your back closet. MAYBE YOU START WRITING AGAIN…Maybe since you’re above Main Street you begin to take walks with your camera and pass by turn-of-the-century architecture with signs in their windows offering office rent for $250/month or an entire building for $60,000.

Maybe you decide to get involved because you can’t figure out why anyone would starve to fit into someone else’s scene when they could be here creating their own.

Maybe this place will be good for you too.

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