Chefs & Restaurants

Gloversville is surrounded by rich and bountiful farmland. Our soils produce delicious fresh produce, provides grasslands for cattle and pork to graze and produce high quality milk. The strong farming community works together with local food producers to create value-added products such as artisanal cheese, cured meats, craft beers and wines, and so much more.

Gloversville is at the cusp of being the center of a whole-menu economy. Meaning that you can source your entire meal within 100 miles (or less) from our downtown.

We are also a community that is looking for talented chefs and restaurateurs to set-up shop. Our population longs for new and diverse flavors and inventive food – so much so the City, Fulton County Center for Regional Growth and the Gloversville Economic Development Corporation work together to secure financing and business support. Click here to learn more.

The low cost of entry, close location to Saratoga Springs, Fulton County’s 44 Lakes, and more make Gloversville an ideal place to set-up your new venture. Our architecturally inspiring buildings, walkable downtown, focus on people and place all combine to create a community full of flavor, an environment ready for your dreams and vision.