Why Gloversville?

The answer is simple once you visit.

We are a weird and wonderful place. Gloversville’s revitalization focuses on the people who live, work and visit our little city; the people who are inspired by our historic downtown, deep collective memory and dreams for a vibrant future. Our community is steeped in a sense of place. The historic downtown reflects a past that saw the city as a capital for fashion and craftsmanship and a future full of possibilities.

We believe in the future and remember our past. Our community is working together to build a bright future in downtown Gloversville. Elected officials, non-profit organizations, building and business owners, and community volunteers are working closely to establish productive partnerships as we collectively bring new life into the downtown. Galleries, artisan guilds, studio and practice spaces are popping up. Dialogues between disparate stakeholders are forming. New ideas, visions and programs are being developed as we focus on place and see our city in a whole new light.

We are focused on creative placemaking. Our revitalization is centered on something called creative placemaking. This focus informs everything we do, the programs and projects we establish, the conversations we hold with community members, building developers, new residents and business owners. We work with a group of downtown stakeholders to ensure that our community welcomes, inspires and supports those who call downtown Gloversville home.

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Would you like to learn more about downtown Gloversville? Please feel free to reach out to our Downtown Development Specialist’s office at 518.725.7700 ext. 1004 or jenniferj@fccrg.org.